REBLOG kung pwede kitang maging kaibigan.

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Masarap alagaan yung taong gusto ka rin alagaan.

Exactly!! 💞

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I’m so sick of crying every fucking night.
I’m so sick of my mind that keeps on reminiscing the good times and the memories.
I’m so sick of trying to fix what we had.
I’m so sick of being sad all the time.
I’m so sick of being bitter whenever I see cute couples on the sidewalk that reminds me of us.
I’m so sick of writing your damn name in my journal.
I’m so sick of waiting for your text messages I know will never come.
I’m so sick for having to say “I will start to move on from you” a thousand times.
Lastly, I’m so sick of myself for still having that small pinch of hope that we would be back together again.

If only I knew that this is how we would end up, I wished I have never even met you. (via yourfuturesuperhero)